Attitudes of Young Farmers to Agri Co-operatives – FRS Research Launched

Research Found Strong Appreciation from Young Farmers of the Importance of Agricultural Co-operatives in the ‘Future of Irish Farming’

On behalf of FRS Network Minister Andrew Doyle, Minister of State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture, launched the ‘Attitudes of Young Farmers to Agricultural Co-operatives’ research at FRS Networks’ Headoffice in Roscrea, Co.Tipperary on Wednesday 31st of July 2019. Survey showed that 94% of survey respondents considered that agricultural co-operatives were important for the ‘future of Irish farming.’

Attended by representatives from the co-operatives, agricultural organisations, boards and media the event offered each person a chance to hear first-hand the findings of the research conducted and presented by Dr Pat Bogue, Broadmore Research and Consultancy on behalf of FRS, which was supported by the Golden Jubilee Trust. The survey was completed by 655 young farmers through online and paper-based questionnaires.

Comments and reactions by guest speakers, Minister Doyle, Richard Kennedy, IFA, Thomas Duffy, Macra and Ray Dempsey, Central Auctions led to an open discussion on the topics surrounding the future role of co-operatives in Ireland.

Minister Doyle commented; “The report’s recommendations can pave the way in ensuring co-op’s continue to be successful long into the future. The research findings should be considered by co-operatives and reviewed in the context of their own situation.  Farmers need to be informed, advised and convinced about the importance of holding shares and getting actively involved in co-operatives.”

Thomas Duffy, President of Macra Na Feirme told of his experience during this speech and said “In my experience boards have been welcoming, but boards need to know that young people will challenge, if they see the need to, and they need to be ready to embrace this and be open to change.” 

Ray Dempsey, Chairman of Central Auctions spoke about his long-standing experience with the co-op structure and said “The research now puts down on paper what we have been speaking about throughout our boards and committees. The co-operative ethos is as strong today as it ever was, but now is the time to ensure the future of it. If we leave it too long more and don’t make changes now we may see a very different picture. As Co-ops we need to be vibrant and appealing to young farmers to attract them in. The research showed that they see co-ops as important with the most important attribute being that they are owned by farmers.”

Richard Kennedy, Deputy President of IFA commented; “This very valuable report must not be left on a shelf gathering dust. Give youth responsibility and they will respond. Great credit to FRS for initiating the report.”

Pat Bogue, Broadmore Research and Consultancy commented;  “The research highlights that while young farmers appreciate the importance of co-operatives to the agri industry there is a level of complacency about becoming shareholders in the co-operatives with which they trade. There also appears to be a hesitancy with regard to getting involved in committees and boards. There is an opportunity for agricultural co-operatives to encourage greater engagement by younger farmers.”

The executive summary of the research brought to light the following:

Co-operatives continue to play an important role in Irish agriculture, however the level of involvement in co-operatives among young farmers is variable. Many young farmers trade/engage with co-operatives but are not shareholders and are not actively involved in the running of them (not serving on boards or committees). There appears to be a slow rate of transfer of shares in agricultural co-operatives to young farmers and more shares are being transferred to/inherited by non-farmers. National Co-op Farm Relief Service (NCFRS / FRS Network) is concerned about the:

  • Transfer of shares to younger farmers and non-farmers;
  • Low level of involvement of young farmers in co-operatives;
  • Proportion of young farmers who are shareholders in co-operatives; and
  • Pool of people available in the future to serve on co-operative committees and boards.

The most important findings to emerge from the research included:

  • 94% of survey respondents considered that agricultural co-operatives were important for the ‘future of Irish farming’ and 87% considered that agricultural co-operatives were important for their ‘own future in farming’;
  • 55% saw a benefit/possible benefit to be a shareholder in a co-operative with which they traded/engaged with;
  • Shares in agricultural co-operatives were transferred to the respondent or other family members in one quarter of farm families;
  • Transfer of shares in agricultural co-operatives had been discussed within the farm family of one in five respondents;
  • The main ways suggested for encouraging share transfer included: discounted shares; incentives to encourage transfer; education; and information;
  • Two-thirds indicated that they were interested in purchasing agricultural co-operative shares within the next 5 years;
  • 55% of respondents knew a board member of a Dairy Co-operative;
  • 44% were definitely/possibly interested in future membership of a Dairy Co-operative Board and 33% were definitely/possibly interested in future membership of a Co-operative Livestock Mart Board;
  • One quarter believed that agricultural co-operative boards were ‘open and welcoming’;
  • Two-thirds of respondents were interested/possibly interested in training on the role of co-operative boards; and
  • The most important attribute of co-operatives identified by respondents was that they were ‘farmer owned/controlled’. 

The conclusions from the research can be summarised as follows:

Young farmers:

  • Appreciate the importance of agricultural co-operatives;
  • Are engaging with agricultural co-operatives on a regular basis;
  • Have a low level of share ownership and have had limited shares transferred to them by parents/family members;
  • Had limited discussion about the transfer of shares with parents/family members;
  • But are interested in purchasing co-operative shares in the future;
  • Appreciate the attributes of co-operatives but are not convinced about the benefits of being a shareholder of co-operatives which they trade/engage with;
  • Believe that financial insecurity and fear contribute to the delay in share transfer;
  • But are not unduly concerned about the slow/delayed transfer of shares or the transfer of shares to non-farmers;
  • Believe that incentives and information are critical to encourage share transfer;
  • Are potentially interested in becoming involved in co-operative boards but will need to be encouraged;
  • As there is a level of scepticism about the extent to which co-operative boards are open and welcoming.

The recommendations from the research can be summarised as follows:

  • The research findings should be considered by co-operatives and reviewed in the context of their own situation;
  • Farmers need to be informed, advised and convinced about the importance of holding shares and getting actively involved in co-operatives;
  • Farmers engaging with agricultural co-operatives need to be encouraged to become shareholders and be actively involved;
  • Share transfer and purchase need to be actively facilitated and encouraged;
  • The potential interest in future involvement in boards and committees needs to be nurtured;
  • Boards need to ensure that they are ‘open and welcoming’ to new members; and
  • Innovative approaches to demonstrate the role, function and importance of co-operatives should be developed.

Peter Byrne, CEO, FRS Network, welcomed all to the launch of the Research and commented;

“I want to thank the Golden Jubilee Trust for their financial support of this very important research project and to Pat Bogue of Broadmore Research and Consulting who’s knowledge of the Agricultural sector, together with his research expertise, has resulted in a very comprehensive report with excellent interpretation and recommendations.

Having worked with several FRS board members both at National and local level, I truly appreciate the enormous time and commitment they have given in a voluntary capacity to the FRS organisation over the last 40 years.  I take a great sense of comfort from this research project that such commitment will be forth coming from our present day young farmers, but we need to take positive steps to encourage and support them to become actively involved in their local co-operatives both as shareholders and board members.”

Francis Fitzgerald, NCFRS Chairman commented;

“Agricultural Co-operatives have made an enormous contribution to Irish farming over the years.  Thousands of farmers have given outstanding and dedicated service to their co-operatives as board and committee members.  The leadership and vision of these very board members has resulted in the growth and development of Agricultural Co-operatives. 

It is imperative that young farmers become involved in the Co-op movement both as shareholders and as board and committee members.  The board of NCFRS are concerned that not enough is being done to encourage such involvement and hence our decision to undertake this study.  We are very pleased to read that overall young farmers have a positive attitude to Co-operatives, but they have confirmed our view that they need to be actively encouraged to become more involved.  Every Co-op has a role to play in promoting the Co-op Model, in actively encouraging share transfer to younger active farmers and nurturing the interest of young farmers in board participation.”

Dr. Sean Brady, Trust Chairman, Golden Jubilee Trust commented;

 “Golden Jubilee Trust is delighted to support this excellent initiative of FRS.  The long-term future of the Co-operative Movement in Ireland is in the hands of the young Farmers of today.  New ideas and talents are essential to continue to develop the co-operative movement so that it remains core to the needs of the Farming Families of the future.

This work will inform the co-operatives on how to engage with young farmers so as to build on the past to create an excellent future for farmers in Ireland.”

Contact: for a full copy of the report.

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Article: The Apps that are keeping the Irish farmers content

The world of technology is constantly evolving and so too is farming. Who would have thought a few years ago that your every day farmer would rely on his smartphone as much as he does today. In the past few years, farming has gone through a total digital revolution and is being transformed day to day.

A series of apps have been developed to aid farmers and make their lives that little but easier. Farmers have been “mobile” forever but the difference is that today’s farmer has more access to mobile technology which has all the potential to bring the office to the farm yard. After a lot of research and having spoken to farmers we have complied a list of the top six apps that the average farmers uses day to day routine:

Farmers Journal – For News Updates and Agricultural Advice

The Farmers Journal daily digital news app broke into the iTunes top 100 most downloaded apps in less than two weeks after the launch in 2015. The app is most definitely the voice of farmers in Ireland with 247,000 readers per week. Even though the app has a lot of similar content to the print edition, it gives readers a lot more added benefits such as the ability to download content and read it when offline. You can also search for key words which really saves time when it comes to looking for certain content.

To subscribe head to


Met Eireann – For weather updates on the go

The weather is a big factor in the everyday life of the Irish farmer. Knowing the weather for the upcoming days, weeks and months is vital for a farmer in order to plan the work ahead. The Met Eireann weather app provides an up to date look at the weather along with upcoming and future weather predictions for free.

The app is an invaluable source for farmers and undoubtedly, every farmer does need it. The app includes many features such as:

• Weather warnings
• Latest hourly weather reports
• National and provincial text forecasts
• Sea area forecasts
• Coastal reports

Visit for more


Agriland – the “what’s happening in the farming world today” app

Agriland is one of the largest daily farming news portals in Ireland. The app itself is updated constantly throughout the day with all news farming and agri from not only Ireland but all over the world. The best thing is that there is no subscription or sign in process, so all the content available is completely free. Readers have all news available instantly on their mobiles.
The features include:

• Unlimited scrolling
• A feature to send breaking news alerts directly to your phone
• The option to save stories to read later
• Swipe for the next story feature
• The ability to search for a story
• The option to adjust text size and settings.

Visit for more


Donedeal App – A farmer’s go to app for buying and selling

Dondeal is often described – as being a giant in the farming community. Even though farmers still go to auctions and marts to do their buying and selling, a large amount of famers now carry out their buying and selling through Dondeal.

Through done deal farmers have the ability to buy and sell goods on the go and upload their own content to sell in the click of a button. For farmers, it is much more effective when it comes to making a sale or a purchase. You don’t have to go home and sit at the laptop in the evening, you an keep up to date throughout the day.

Visit and download the app today


Herdwatch – Farm Compliance on tap


Herdwatch is the first cross – platform mobile solution fully approved by the department of Agriculture. The app gives farmers both mobility and peace of mind when it comes to recording legally required information such as calf births and remedies. The app is currently the number one must have app for dairy, suckler and beef farmers with over 7,000 farmers currently using the app across Ireland and the UK. One of the even better things about the app is the fact that you can work offline.
The app offers the following features:

• Easy compliance & valuable farm records anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet for just €130
• Time saving tool that will minimise the time you send on paperwork
• Record Bord Bia remedies and feed purchases
• Paperless farm to farm movement certs
• Calf birth registration in less than a minute
• Record weights in seconds
• Manage full breeding cycle

Get the free trial now and see what it is all about at


Banking online apps – taking the stress out of having to go into the bank


Banking apps have simplified and completely sped up the whole payment process for farmers. All the bank apps today are simple and straight forward for the farmer to set up and use. People including farmers are all sceptical when it comes to giving card details over the phone and now all this can be avoided through the banking online apps.

Farmers now have the ability to see exactly how much has been lodged or taken out of your account completely hassle free. There is no going into the bank to sort out anything financial. It can be done there and then with the click of a button. It is all in your hand.


Technology continues to grow

As Irish farmer’s trust increases in digital markets and mobile apps farming is beginning to grow even more and farming life is becoming that little bit easier with the rapid grow in technology.


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News: Agriculture ranks highest sector for Fatalities for 8th year running – with elderly most vulnerable

Reports from 2017 named the agri-sector as being the most dangerous profession in Ireland for the 8th year running. Figures released show that elderly farmers are the most vulnerable group when it comes to fatal work related accidents. Of the 24 fatal agri-sector accidents accounted for in 2017, 14 of those were male farmers aged over 65.

There was an increase in all sector work related fatalities in 2017 – with 47 fatal accidents recorded in comparison to 46 in 2016 and of these 24 were agriculture related in 2017 up from 21 the previous year.


key fatalities announced by the HSA:

• 2017 marked the highest number of work related fatalities in Ireland to date across all sectors.
• Following Agriculture the construction and transport sectors had the next highest number of fatalities with six each.
• The counties with the highest number of fatalities in 2017 were Dublin, Mayo and Cork with six each. (all sectors)
• Across all of the sectors, accidents involving vehicles made up 21 of all fatalities in 2017. Falls from a height (six) was the most common cause.
• Most fatalities (28) involved 18-65 year old males; there were 14 men, over 65 killed in the agriculture sector.
• One child fatality was accounted for in the agri-sector.
• Of 47 fatalities reported, 18 were self employed, 15 were employees, seven non-workers and seven family workers

Recent Farm Safety Initiatives

On Friday January 12th, Teagasc and the Health and Safety Authority signed a “Joint Initiative Agreement”, to promote farmer health and safety for the next three years. The aim of the initiative is to provide health and safety research, training and advisory support to farmers.

As part of this joint initiative, training on the use of “Farm Safety Code of Practice” will continue to be provided by Teagasc and Agricultural Consultants. Completion of the training is also a requirement for farmers to secure DAFM TAMS11 funding.
The HSA is set to conduct 2,000 farm inspections throughout 2018. Other plans include new guidance for farmers on preventing cow attacks and machinery crush injuries.

During 2018, research on farm accident levels will be conducted by Teagasc through their National Farm Survey.
A jointly funded study on the usefulness of discussion groups in promoting farm safety is also underway by Teagasc.
FRS Training are avid supporters of farm safety and will run many safety courses and farm safety events throughout Ireland. For more information visit or call 1890 201 000.

FRS Training also run TAMS Safety Training Courses. For more information about the course or to see upcoming dates Visit

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News: FRS Dairy Operative Skills Programme launch and Ear to the Ground

FRS in conjunction with Teagasc have launched a new Dairy Operative Skills Programme and it featured on RTE Ones’, Ear to the Ground.

FRS milking operators, Jennifer Matthews and Josh Phelan, both successfully completed the programme and were featured along with farmer James O’Brien from Kilkenny on Ear to the Ground.

Watch clip here:

Interested candidates are invited to apply for seasonal work as milkers and farm workers with FRS Farm Relief Services and those who require upskilling will have the unique opportunity to complete a 20 day programme involving 4 training days in a Teagasc College and 16 days practical work experience on host farms organised by FRS.

On successful completion of their training, candidates will be offered work through FRS during the peak months of January/February to May/June 2018. The work could potentially earn an individual up to €8,000 or more and participants will be paid during their training.

The three potential candidate groups that have been identified to take part in the programme and to take up seasonal work to help alleviate labour shortages and are, but not limited to:

• Dry Stock Farmers – on individual farms where there may be capacity to take on a additional part time role.
• Women in Agriculture – who may be interested in work involving milking, calf rearing and livestock husbandry.
• Farmers on Farm Assist and Jobseekers – who are in receipt of a DSP payment and who may be interested in farm work. (FRS advise individuals of the need to discuss their individual position with Dept. Social Protection (DSP), as taking up employment may have implications for their DSP allowances).

Peter Byrne, CEO, FRS Network said “FRS believe that this project is one of a number of possible options including sourcing labour from abroad that must be examined to source and train potential FRS operators’’.

Applicants for the ‘Dairy Operative Skills Programme’ and work with FRS are invited to talk through with their local FRS Office or visit for more details and to apply online.

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Farm Safety Live at Tullamore Show 2017

FRS Training, FBD and the HSA are demonstrating Farm Safety Live at the Tullamore Show on Sunday 13th of August to show farming families how simply safety precautions can be applied, when you are shown how.

Farm Safety Live will engage with the audience and bring three key farm hazard areas to life and deliver practical know how that can be applied back on the farm. The focus will be on Safe Livestock Handling, Safe PTO Operations and Safe Bale Handling.

Farming remains the most dangerous occupation in Ireland, with 14 fatalities this year and non-fatal accidents averaging at approximately 2,000 per year.

Pat Griffin Senior Inspector HSA, Amanda Brennan Branch Manager FBD Tullamore, Brenda Kiernan Chairperson Tullamore Show, John Kennedy Inspector Health and Safety Authority, Freda Kinnarney Operations Manager Tullamore Show, Jane Marks Marketing Manager FRS and Jim Dockery Training Manager FRS. Picture: Ger Rogers/HR Photo. 

Pat Griffin, Senior Inspector with HSA and member of the Farm Safety Partnership, said:

“The horrific consequences of a farm accident – whether fatal or causing serious injury – has a huge impact not only on the farmer, but also on the farm family, community and business. We are working continuously with all in the farming community to raise awareness of the risks and to advise all of best practices in farm safety. I believe that the live demonstrations on practical safety at our shared stand at the Tullamore Show will help protect lives & prevent injury.”

Jim Dockery, FRS Training Manager and member of the Farm Safety Partnership, said “We are getting out there in front of farmers and their families to show them the safe way of doing everyday tasks on the farm. Sometimes it is the simplest thing that causes the horrific accidents and we want to put a stop to this and get everyone to farm more safely.


Ciaran Roche, Vice Chairman Farm Safety Partnership, Risk Manager FBD said:

“a change in culture and behaviour is essential if unsafe ways of working are to be eliminated and a sustained reduction in farm accidents is to be achieved. We are aware that this is a slow and difficult process, as it takes significant investment in time and resources to effect real change. It’s time to stop taking risks and prevent any unnecessary heartache.”

Make sure you give time to safety at the Tullamore Show and visit Farm Safety Live. Get involved and visit for a chance to win complimentary tickets and to find out what you can expect to see on the day of the show. Visit for more general show information.

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Herdwatch and FRS Farm Relief Services attend the ICMSA AGM

ICMSA AGM Castletroy Park Hotel Limerick Picture Credit Brian Gavin Press 22

Herdwatch and FRS Farm Relief Services attend the ICMSA AGM on Monday 28 November in the Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick. Pictured left to right are: Padraig Madden, FRS Network, John Comer, ICMSA President, Minister Michael Creed, Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Minister John Bruton, former Taoiseach and James Greevy, Herdwatch.

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FRS invited along to The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk


Pictured Left to Right: Peter Byrne, Minister Creed, Anna May Mc Hugh and Pat Kenny

CEO of FRS Peter Byrne was invited on the Pat Kenny Newstalk Show On Thursday morning, November 10th as a panel speaker to discuss the changes in the Agri Sector with Minister Creed and Anna May McHugh. It was a great discussion. Listen back to the show on link below. It is on part 2.

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News: 8th all Ireland Final of the Farm Relief Services Memorial Scholarship

This year, the 8th annual all Ireland final of the Farm relief Services Memorial Scholarship took place at the Teagsac Colleges Challenge Day in Clonakilty Agricultural College on Tuesday January 12th.
At just twenty three years of age, Charles Cooney, a beef and dairy farmer from near Shercock in Co. Cavan was this year’s National Winner of the Scholarship. The scholarship rewards students who show exceptional leadership abilities. Once he has completed his time in college, Charles will take up a paid placement with FRS to learn about business management.
The Scholarship itself is run in conjunction with Macra na Feirme and a winner is selected to represent each Teagasc college as a National finalist. Charles represented the Ballyhaise college agricultural students. In the Final, Charles gave a presentation based on the leadership skills of a neighbour of his, Padraig McEnaney, who founded Celtic Pure Water, to a judging panel made up of Peter Byrne (FRS Network’s CEO), Séan Finan (National president of Macra) and Frank Murphy (Curriculum Development and Standards Manager with Teagasc).
Peter Byrne, FRS CEO, said: “This is the eighth year of the memorial scholarship and FRS is delighted once again to give a dedicated student like Charles the opportunity to gain that all important work experience through placement with an FRS office. We like to play our part in the development of the agricultural industry and this scholarship is just one of the ways we contribute”.
For more information about FRS take a look at the website or visit the facebook page for constant updates .

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FRS on Countrywide Sat 16th Jan

Tune in to Countrywide Radio One tomorrow morning (Sat 16) from 8:10am to get the farmer and farm relief worker perspectives on getting work done on the farm. Plus in studio discussion with Peter Byrne, FRS and Darragh McCullough, RTE Presenter, on sourcing farm workers to meet the growing demand.

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News: Significant Decrease in Farming Fatalities for 2015 shows signs of hope for the future

Recent figures from the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) show that fatalities in agriculture were down 40% on 2014. 18 deaths were reported in 2015 in comparison to 30 in 2014.
For the sixth year in a row, figures show that agriculture holds the record for the highest number of fatalities above all other sectors. In 2015, 55 people were killed in work related accidents, which the HSA stated is exactly the same number as 2014.
Across all sectors, incidents involving vehicles were the main cause of fatal accidents in the workplace, 21 in total, according to the HSA. A tractor or machinery were involved in six farm fatalities and four were involving livestock.
Construction fatalities increased from eight in 2014 to 11 in 2015 along with this the fishing sector saw an increase from one in 2015 to five in 2015.

Two-thirds of work related deaths, occurred in businesses with fewer than 10 employees, mainly in agriculture, construction and fishing. In 2015, there were four child fatalities, all of which were agriculture related.

FRS are advocates of Farm Safety
FRS are firm believers in promoting Farm safety and throughout 2015 worked hard to deliver live farm safety demonstrations to the public. FRS teamed up with FBD and the HSA to showcase practical farm safety demonstrations at the various agricultural shows throughout Ireland.
These included safe handling of bulls and livestock, Tractor PTO demonstrations, as well as giving general farm safety advice.The demonstrations proved to entice the crowds and this year will expectantly prove no different.
What would you do if you had a farm accident and could not run your farm tomorrow?
The FRS Membership Benefit Scheme has helped many farmers out at their most vulnerable time – when they were unable to work their farms. FRS offers a unique benefit as it arranges a relief worker straight to the farm to cover the work in the event of any accidents or sickness that is supported by a doctor’s cert.
The Sickness and Accident Support entitles members to the services of an experienced FRS operator for up to *12 weeks at only 25% of the regular cost (75% off). Maximum benefit is €500 (incl. Vat) per week (*first week is excluded and must be paid by the member).The feedback from farmers who have claimed under the sickness and accident support reinforced to us the importance of offering this benefit to the industry.
The savings that these farmers made on their labour needs was just one side of it. The more significant side being that they could concentrate on recovering knowing that their farms were being looked after. Having a good trained reliable operator ready to step in, when required, is what the farmer needs and that is what FRS is all about.
The membership also gives better value farm services rates with top priority given to members and a death and capital benefit of up to €20,000.
Membership costs €295 annually – that is Peace of Mind for only 81 cent per day. Sign up in January and get 14 months for the price of 12.
For more information visit or call FRS Roscrea on 0505 21166 or FRS Cahir on 052 7441598. Text FRS MBS plus your name and address to 51444 for a call back.

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