Time To Rethink Farm Safety

FRS Farm Relief launches an online farm safety resource to support Farm Safety and Farm Safety Week

Farm Safety week is taking place from today (19th ) to the 23rd July 2021. Similar to last year, Ireland has teamed up with the UK once again to deliver the Yellow Wellies Farm Safety Campaign. This year, the message encourages farmers to ‘Rethink Safety’ on their farms. FRS Farm Relief are delighted to support the campaign as it runs for its 9th year.

With statistics from the CSO estimating that 5% of the national workforce is working in agriculture, the sector continues to have one of the poorest safety records in Ireland. Last year 24 people lost their lives in farm accidents on the island of Ireland, this is an increase of 27% on the previous year (2019).

As FRS Farm Relief work closely with farming families across the country, they have developed a Farm Safety online resource which pulls various sources on farm safety together into one place. Found on their website, this online resource has a wide range of farm safety information that farmers, farm workers, farming families and visitors will find helpful. Covering tips, guides, videos, resources and training course information, the aim is to promote a wide variety of farm safety content in one place.

FRS Farm Relief are also aware that 2020 – 2021 has been a difficult time for Irish farmers with many traditional social outlets cancelled due to ongoing restrictions. With less opportunity to engage in social activities farmers may be spending more hours working on the farm. To help give Irish farmers a chance to take a break FRS Farm Relief have launched a competition on their social channels to give a farmer the chance to win a €350 FRS Farm Relief Services voucher. The voucher can be used to give the farmer a well-deserved break, an extra set of hands during a busy time, or it can go towards specialised farm services provided by FRS. The prize ultimately allows the farmer to step away from the farm and look after themselves.  

In line with ‘Rethinking Safety’, FRS Farm Relief urge those in the agricultural sector not to become complacent when it comes to the message of safety. Safety should be an ongoing discussion with farm workers, family and farm visitors.

Jim Dockery, Health & Safety Manager, FRS Network commented, “Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in Ireland. We are in peak summer months and July is typically a very high risk month due to the nature of activities carried out on farms such as silage, hay baling, slurry application, reseeding etc and very often larger building projects are carried out while animals are outdoors. These activities carry inherent risks at all stages and must be well planned to prevent accidents.

With our nationwide service to farmers during busy periods I would encourage farmers to rethink safety for each job, and where it is deemed necessary, get additional help to ensure a safe summer for all both working and living and indeed visiting your farm. FRS Farm Relief can help you in making your farm safer by training, compiling safety statements or by just giving good safety advise to all age categories on the farm.”

Throughout the week FRS Farm Relief will be sharing helpful content on their social pages and the competition to win an FRS Farm Relief voucher worth €350. Follow FRS on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to enter. Find out more about FRS Farm Relief online safety resource by visiting www.farmreliefservices.ie/farm-safety.

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