Mucking in for Farm Safety


Boom demo at ploughing

Compulsory spraying training and testing will be demonstrated at the FRS Training and HSA Farm Safety Demonstrations at the Grass and Muck highlighting the main health and safety elements of pesticide spraying, handing and sprayer operation and testing. Make sure you are compliant and come along for all the information you need.



FRS Training (Farm Relief Services), and the HSA (Health and Safety Authority) are rolling up their sleeves and mucking in to bring practical interactive farm safety demonstrations to the forefront of this year’s FTMA Grass and Muck on the 12th of May in Gurteen, Co. Tipperary.

The organisations will be focusing on three farm hazard areas, safe handling of bales and crush zones , PTO safety and spraying compliance in an interactive and engaging way to stress the everyday dangers and show farming families how safety can be improved down on the farm.

An area of focus during the event will be on the safe operation of machinery when handling bales with emphasis on ‘crush zones’ during this task and preventing impact injuries. Topics such as the right equipment and attachment, stacking and de-stacking of bales, transporting and loading bales, will form part of the demonstrations to help farmers to control the hazard and minimise the risks. Information on managing workload, stress and pressure will also be available as these link strongly to the cause of accidents.


PTO Demonstration set up and ready to show the consequences of an unprotected PTO by FRS Training and the HSA at the FTMTA Grass and Muck on May 12th. Make sure to go along to find out ways to improve farm safety on your farm and to see the consequences live.

Speaking about ‘crush zone’ accidents, Pat Griffin Senior Inspector with the Health and Safety Authority says: “I believe many of these crush injuries and deaths are actually caused by excessive workload, pressure, stress, improvising and taking short cuts. These factors coupled with fatigue, can be a lethal combination. By managing workload the risks can be reduced.”

Turning to an area that farmers need to be compliant in and protect their health and the environment is pesticide spraying and sprayer testing, which will be demonstrated on the day. Along with the safe operation of PTO’s the farm safety demonstrations will cover many areas that are important for farmers to know.

There was a 40% decrease in the number of fatalities last year compared to the year before, but farming remains the most dangerous occupation in Ireland. Around 2,500 non-fatal accidents causing injury occur on farms annually, which are not widely communicated, but often heavily impact on the continuation of the farm work and the farmer. FRS Training and the HSA are very proactive when it comes to bringing public awareness to farm safety and strives to reduce these figures once again by bringing these live demonstrations to farmers.


The consequences of an unprotected PTO demonstrating the shredding impact that can happen, which will be demonstrated by FRS Training and the HSA at the FTMTA Grass and Muck on May 12th. Make sure to go along to find out ways to improve farm safety on your farm.

Jim Dockery from FRS Training said “we encourage farmers to ‘Farm Safely & Responsibly’. This involves training themselves, their staff and their families through the many health and safety courses and demonstrations available. At the event we will demonstrate the consequences of poor farm safety practices and demonstrate the simple practical changes that can be made to achieve good farm safety practices.”

Pat Griffin from the HSA said “events like these are important to bring farm safety to the fore in an engaging way and to give people practical advice to remember and implement on their return to the farm.”

Preparations are currently underway for the FTMTA Grass and Muck which is taking place on May 12th so be sure to head along to the Farm Safety Demonstration stand on the day.  There will be plenty of practical demonstrations ongoing, including safe bale handling, Tractor PTO demos, and pesticide sprayer safety demos as well as some excellent general farm safety advice.

On the run up to the show, FRS is giving away a set of tickets to the Grass and Muck.  To be in with a chance of winning a set of these tickets visit   Like, Share and Tag two friends on the post to be entered into the draw.

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News: Significant Decrease in Farming Fatalities for 2015 shows signs of hope for the future

Recent figures from the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) show that fatalities in agriculture were down 40% on 2014. 18 deaths were reported in 2015 in comparison to 30 in 2014.
For the sixth year in a row, figures show that agriculture holds the record for the highest number of fatalities above all other sectors. In 2015, 55 people were killed in work related accidents, which the HSA stated is exactly the same number as 2014.
Across all sectors, incidents involving vehicles were the main cause of fatal accidents in the workplace, 21 in total, according to the HSA. A tractor or machinery were involved in six farm fatalities and four were involving livestock.
Construction fatalities increased from eight in 2014 to 11 in 2015 along with this the fishing sector saw an increase from one in 2015 to five in 2015.

Two-thirds of work related deaths, occurred in businesses with fewer than 10 employees, mainly in agriculture, construction and fishing. In 2015, there were four child fatalities, all of which were agriculture related.

FRS are advocates of Farm Safety
FRS are firm believers in promoting Farm safety and throughout 2015 worked hard to deliver live farm safety demonstrations to the public. FRS teamed up with FBD and the HSA to showcase practical farm safety demonstrations at the various agricultural shows throughout Ireland.
These included safe handling of bulls and livestock, Tractor PTO demonstrations, as well as giving general farm safety advice.The demonstrations proved to entice the crowds and this year will expectantly prove no different.
What would you do if you had a farm accident and could not run your farm tomorrow?
The FRS Membership Benefit Scheme has helped many farmers out at their most vulnerable time – when they were unable to work their farms. FRS offers a unique benefit as it arranges a relief worker straight to the farm to cover the work in the event of any accidents or sickness that is supported by a doctor’s cert.
The Sickness and Accident Support entitles members to the services of an experienced FRS operator for up to *12 weeks at only 25% of the regular cost (75% off). Maximum benefit is €500 (incl. Vat) per week (*first week is excluded and must be paid by the member).The feedback from farmers who have claimed under the sickness and accident support reinforced to us the importance of offering this benefit to the industry.
The savings that these farmers made on their labour needs was just one side of it. The more significant side being that they could concentrate on recovering knowing that their farms were being looked after. Having a good trained reliable operator ready to step in, when required, is what the farmer needs and that is what FRS is all about.
The membership also gives better value farm services rates with top priority given to members and a death and capital benefit of up to €20,000.
Membership costs €295 annually – that is Peace of Mind for only 81 cent per day. Sign up in January and get 14 months for the price of 12.
For more information visit or call FRS Roscrea on 0505 21166 or FRS Cahir on 052 7441598. Text FRS MBS plus your name and address to 51444 for a call back.

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