Herdwatch’s Second Year Anniversary Marks a Milestone

While managing the IT department in Farm Relief Services Fabien Peyaud wondered whether there could be a connection made between farmers and mobile technology.  The whole area of compliance constantly came into play.  Creating something effective for easy compliance was the whole idea behind the farming app Herdwatch.  Celebrating two years this week since the launch of the app, Herdwatch has gone from strength to strength.  An idea which started off as something small now has thousands of users.  Fabien himself never predicted such fast success of the app:

“When I started this, I genuinely didn’t know what to expect and that’s the truth, I was hoping that it would be well received by farmers more so than successful.  I was hoping for good feedback from farmers and I guess in my head if that happened it had the potential to be successful.”

The App offers farmers the quickest and easiest way to register calves “as it happens”, record remedies for Bord Bia compliance, and much more, through their smartphone, in seconds.  The success of the app over the two years found thousands of farmers hopping on the Herdwatch bandwagon and also lead to the app winning eight prestigious awards.  Many highlights over the past two years spring to mind for Fabien but the first stages after the app was launched stick in his mind:

“There are a couple of highlights that stick in my mind, of course winning all the awards was worth a lot in terms of confidence.  But I will always remember when we first launched the app, our first customers, first calf registration, it was all very exciting.” 

Herdwatch’s success is now beginning to grow further afield.  The app recently scooped up an innovation merit award at LAMMA, the UK’s biggest agricultural and Machinery show.  Spreading to the UK was not part of the initial plan for Herdwatch but the idea began to creep in as success mounted, according to Fabien:

“I hadn’t thought about the UK initially, but the idea came on quite quickly though because managing a herd in Ireland is not that far away from managing a herd in the UK.  We share the same language, we are neighbours, so it was something I would have thought of but it’s a more recent plan to actually go and do it.”

Technology and farmers are two things a lot of people would not put together.  The success of Herdwatch is bringing farming into the future and putting a modern angle on the way farming should be.  Farming is growing with the times and Fabien and his team have seen that with the amount of sign ups they have received over the past two years. Farmers are using the app because it gives them easy compliance at the tap of their finger. Fabien said:

“One of my pet peeves is this misconception that farmers aren’t into technology, even when I first came up with the concept of Herdwatch I thought to myself how wrong it was for people to think that.  The technology solutions that were available weren’t suitable and that is why farmers weren’t using them.  They use Herdwatch because it’s easy to use, it’s mobile and it is value for money, in other words it makes business sense.”

95% of Herdwatch customers say they would recommend the app to other farmers.  Fabien believes it will continue to grow with more hard work:

“We will keep innovating for farmers as we have in the past few years, we have some really exciting ideas which will make it into Herdwatch over the months and years ahead.”

Reaching its second birthday is an important milestone for Herdwatch.  It has put a new twist on technology and the way farmers register their calves and manage their herd and farm compliance.  Fabien expects the future to be promising.

“I’m looking forward to reaching big milestones such as 5,000 users in the next few months.  Launching in the UK is also a big milestone.  I can’t see any reason why in the next 3 to 5 years we wouldn’t have tens of thousands of farmers on Herdwatch in Ireland, the UK and other markets”.

A free trial of Herdwatch is available on www.herdwatch.ie.





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News: Irish Farming App Recognised at UK Largest Show

Herdwatch has received an Innovation Merit Award at their first ever UK and LAMMA Show appearance, which is the UK’s Largest Agricultural and Machinery show.
James Greevy, who represented Herdwatch at the show with Helen Mulqueen said: “It’s always nice to be recognised, especially at a prestigious event like LAMMA, but above all we have received amazing feedback from British farmers and we are looking forward to bringing Herdwatch technology to UK farms before the Summer.”
Fabien Peyaud, co-founder of Herdwatch added:

“It is a proud moment to be recognised in our first UK appearance, and I would like to thank the LAMMA Show organisers for choosing Herdwatch as a Merit Award recipient, against very tough competition. I would also like to thank Enterprise Ireland, and in particular Kevin Mooney, Denis Duggan and Michael Brougham for their amazing support of Herdwatch but also of Irish Ag-tech in general.”
Herdwatch is a Farming App by FRS Farm Relief Services which saves Dairy, Suckler and Beef farmers hours on paperwork and Bord Bia compliance, by simply using their smartphone, tablet or computer, for less than €2 a week.
Farmers interested in finding out more can visit www.herdwatch.ie, where a free trial is currently available, or contact their local FRS (Farm Relief Services) co-op (list on www.frsnetwork.ie).
The Herdwatch Team with Enterprise Ireland at the UK LAMMA Show and bringing home an Innovation Merit Award. Pictured left to right: James Creevy, Herdwatch, Kevin Mooney, Enterprise Ireland and Helen Mulqueen, Herdwatch.

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Article: Aid for the demanding Calving Season

As we all prepare for a busy caving season FRS have positions available for experienced milkers and general farm workers to meet the seasonal demand. Go to www.frsfarmrelief.ie/careers to download an application form today and e-mail or post it to your nearest FRS office.
Farmers are advised to book their operators now as demand is high.
Taking the hassle out of registering your calves
Farmers will be all too familiar with the compliance requirements around calving, such as the necessity to tag and register calves within 27 days of their birth. This can now be done in seconds and on the go with the Herdwatch App on the go.
Before Herdwatch there was only 2 ways of registering calves compliantly: by post or by computer, and that usually meant working late at night. Now you can do away with paperwork or switching on your computer late at night. With Herdwatch, you can register your calves in 30 seconds from a smartphone or tablet App, anytime, anywhere.
Unlike with postal calf registration, you don’t have to pay for stamps & ink, and you get immediate feedback from the Department, which means most inconsistencies or data entry errors can be picked up and corrected immediately, rather than having to wait 3 or 4 days to find out in the post.
Visit www.herdwatch.ie today or text FRSTIPP to 51444 for a call back from the Herdwatch team.

Pre-Calving Preparations
Now is the time to do a pre-calving walk-through of your pens, chutes and calving pens. All equipment and calving areas should be clean and ready to use. It’s always better to prepare these items in the light of day rather than scrambling to make them right at night when the first calf in on its way.
Every farmer needs the following supplies on hand during calving: disposable obstetrical sleeves, calving Jack, injectable antibiotics, lubricant and disinfectant. Other helpful items to have around are flashlights, old towels and even a bucket of non-detergent soap and warm water. If possible, make up a portable kit so you can quickly move your supplies to wherever your cow is calving.

Help is on Hand
The spring is a very busy time on the farm and farmers work long hours with very little sleep. Rushing can cause unnecessary accidents so work at a steady pace and get labor in to help alleviate the pressure. Having supports in place to fall back on, if or when you need them, will bring you through this busy time more effectively and safely.

Even more Support

Join the FRS Membership Benefit Scheme and get reduced farm services rates, Sickness & Accident Support and Death & Capital Benefit for only €295 – That is Peace of Mind for Only 81c per day. Visit www.frsfarmrelief.ie/membership for more details.

Contact your local FARM RELIEF SERVICES @
Parkmore Carrigeen Ind Est.
Roscrea Cahir
0505-21166 052-7441598
www.frsfarmrelief.ie www.stippfrs.ie

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The Sun Sets on Ploughing 2015 For FRS

As the sun sets on this year’s ploughing, we can all sit back and relax after a tremendous three days. This year’s event marked the most successful in history with a record breaking 281, 000 people having landed in Ratheniska Co. Laois over the three days. The Farm Relief Services marquee proved once again to be a great success with floods of people coming in to chat to our team and sign up to the courses and services on offer.
The FRS team from all our divisions were out in force giving information about our services. Outdoors the FRS fencing team ran with a great display of the various fencing they supply and one lucky visitor, Rosemary Dunne from Tullamore won a €500 Tinsley wire voucher.
The FRS Training team were kept on thfrs 178eir toes over the three days with their Boom Sprayer demonstrations. This was a great success attracting great crowds to the stand whilst the demonstrations were taking place. A large amount of people signed up for the sprayer course which is required to be completed by November 2015. Those who signed up for the course were entered into a draw to win a free course. A huge congratulations, to Thomas Dillon from Listowel, Co. Kerry who was the winner of the spraying course.
Herdwatch once again came out of the event with great results having gained 200 new subscriptions to the award winning App and talked to many of their current customers. The App itself is going from strength to strength receiving great feedback from all who came to visit them in the FRS marquee and also in the Innovation arena. The big attraction of this year’s ploughing event was the Herdwatch mascot Herdie who was out and about promoting Herdwatch and was a big hit on the trackway.
People of all ages stopped to get their photo taken with Herdie for the Twitter competition. Congratulations to the lucky winner from Kerry who won their county jersey for uploading a photo of themselves with Herdie. For each tweet about #Herdie, Herdwatch donated 50cent to Embrace Farm. A whopping €500 in total was raised for Embrace Farm thanks to Herdwatch.
This year we were delighted to have Tom Maher and Marie Spencer from St. Vincent De Paul who helped out at the FRS tea and coffee station for the three days. They welcomed everyone with a smile and kept the tea frs 131and coffee flowing. They raised over €900 for their charity at the event.
And so that is another year at the ploughing done and dusted. We look forward to planning for next year. Thank you to all the staff who helped out, to all our customers and the people who came to visit our stand. As always it is greatly appreciated.
For more information visit our website on www.frsnetwork.ie. Like our Facebook page for updates and news www.facebook.com/frsnetwork

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